Better FPL
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Improvements to

Better FPL makes it easier to play Fantasy Premier League. It adds fixtures, current form and expected points to players on screen, you can view player stats going back to 2016 in the player dialog and it gives you an overview of a players recent form when hovering the form stat. You can also better follow along in your leagues where you can see who everybody captained, how many points they have so far, and how many players they have left to play. Plus you can see who left the most points on their bench. Other than visual improvements and additions the extension also removes some of the annoying UI and adds in elements that make it easier for you to use the site. It adds a +/- buttons on Max Price dropdown so you can move £0.1 instead of £0.5. Also it skips the unnecessary dialogs you get when transfering players. In order to use the extension you must create an account at and sign up to a Premium subscription. You can of course try out the extension in a trial period and cancel the subscription if it is not for you. If you have any issues with the extension you can contact the developer at
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