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广告拦截扩展对抗广告和弹出窗口。拦截 Facebook,Youtube 和所有其它网站的广告。

AdBlocker is the original granddaddy extension for blocking ads online, and it’s still just as popular today as it was when it first took the web by storm. Blocking technology takes out banner ads, video pre-roll ads, social networking ads, and pop-ups. It offers a comprehensive ad-blocking service to all who install its Chrome extension. With an easy-to-navigate interface and customizable filter list, you can decide exactly which ads you want to see and which ones you never want to see again. Its whitelisting function lets you make sure your favorite sites still display ads so they can continue to operate. If you allow acceptable ads, you can let a few through automatically to help sites that stick to the rules. Features: * Protects your privacy on the Internet. * Blocks Annoying Banners, Pop-unders and accidental clicks on malware. * Blocks YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories. * Faster browsing (as ads are blocked from loading). * Customize features, like whitelisting for favorite sites. Note: Unobtrusive ads aren't being blocked in order to support websites. The notice you see about having access to your history and website data is automatically generated because AdBlock runs on every tab. But it does not actually monitor your browsing history or require your personal information to work properly.
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