BlockAds PoqDev - 免费的广告拦截器
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阻止 YouTube™ 广告、弹出窗口并抵御恶意软件!

Block YouTube™ ads, pop-ups & fight malware! ✓ Block disturbing video notices and principles ✓ Block pop ups ✓ Stop following and give yourself more insurance ✓ Fight off hazardous malvertising that can stow away in notices ✓ Give yourself faster examining (as resources are blocked from stacking) ✓ Customize features, for example, whitelisting for most cherished regions ✓ Get free and consistent assistance ✓ Give yourself basically more control of the experience you need BlockAds PoqDev for Chrome™ is the ads blocker to help you go gaga for the web again, and permits you to change your experience.
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