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5-Day Weather Forecast Of Your City

My Weather is a free new tab extension that allows you to view 5-day weather forecast of your city where you are located in an instant; along with a customizable web search bar to look up things on the internet, at ease! The extension has an easy-to-use interface that displays weather of your location only in Celsius or Fahrenheit, sunrise & sunset timings as well as wind speed, while will be your default search engine to browse online. How to get started: Once the extension is downloaded and added to Chrome (browser) as an extension, open a new tab, click on the My Weather icon in your browser and wait for the extension to pick up you location to view the My Weather extension page. For a seamless search experience, all you need to do is type in the text you want to look up and click the arrow on the default search box to get instant search results.  Features: • Daily Weather temperature in celsius/fahrenheit of the city you are located in • Daily Sunrise and sunset timings • Date and day view • Reliable web search engine by • User-friendly interface that allows users to view 5-Day weather forecast including wind speed Permissions The extension requires permission to allow new tabs display the extension's features - custom search, date, weather forecast of your location and background image. The extension does not store or share any user data. Uninstallation To uninstall the extension in Chrome, go to chrome://extensions/ and locate  "My Weather", click on Remove and you will be prompted with a pop up "Remove My Weather?", click the Remove button. By clicking "Add to Chrome", I accept and agree to install "My Weather" Chrome extension and hereby agree to set Chrome New Tab to that provided by the service and the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please refer to our Privacy Policy ( and Terms of Use ( For any queries, please contact us at Disclaimer: "Once the extension is downloaded, will be the default search engine;please refer to Microsoft's Privacy and Cookie policy here -
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