Google Maps Platform API Checker
300,000+ 位用户  |  119KiB  |   2019年4月22日  |   版本号:1.1.9  |   开发者工具


The M4B Checker is a simple Chrome Extension that allows you to easily determine if a website is implementing a Google Maps API for Business (M4B) license properly. While navigating websites, you can quickly discover if a site is using the free consumer version of Google Maps or a M4B license, and if there are any issues found with the implementation. Ideal for partners and developers, the M4B Checker helps surface information about common watchpoints and pitfalls while implementing Google’s Geo products, including Google Maps Javascript API v3, the Static Image APIs, and the Google Maps Engine API. No longer do developers need to sift through code or the Javascript Console to identify problems, instead that information is automatically discovered while browsing sites and displayed in a simple icon on the browser’s address bar.
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