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Sellers check and price change tracking. Package tracking on AliExpress.

ChinaHelper - Checking the seller for most popular China store. Will show the whole truth about the reliability of the seller and real discounts! The plugin contains all the best China Helper tools you need to shop safely from China. By installing the ChinaHelper extension, you get information about the level of trust in the seller, which is based on official data and is generated in a convenient form and format for you directly on the official website of the online store of Chinese goods. ★ Protection against artificial discounts: You can always see how the price of goods has changed over the past months, and get a convenient push notification of a price reduction - very convenient =) ★ Find similar products from other sellers, choose a cheaper product from a seller with a high rating. ★ Get quick and convenient access to popular sections of the site, “My Orders”, “My Account”, “Shopping Cart”, “My Coupons” ★ Tracking packages - add your track code and immediately find out where your package is. We tried to make the most convenient service among such analogues as: Our development team is constantly improving the service and adding new features to the expansion for greater convenience of shopping. We use the Google Analytics service to collect statistics on the use of the service to make it better. If you do not want to transfer data to the Google Analytics service, please go to: to refuse to transfer faceless data, more details in the "privacy policy" (see the website or the right column in chrome store) We are open to dialogue, and are ready to help in solving any problems associated with the operation of ChinaHelper service.
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