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Relive your new tab!

A new tab in your favorite browser will no longer be boring and monotonous. With this extension, you can easily change the standard background of a new tab to a more beautiful natural landscape in just two clicks. But that's not all, our extension will allow you to always be aware of the current weather situation in your city. You no longer need to visit third-party sites to get information about the time or weather in your location. Try it and you will get a completely different experience using chrome! Features: - Display the time and weather in your current city - Change the search in omnibox to Bing. We are always working on new features, please use the support page to request features, and please leave us a great review if you have a few minutes! By clicking "Add to chrome", I accept and agree to install the "NatureTab" Chrome extension and setting Chrome™ New Tab page to that provided by the service and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Contact us
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