Make America Kittens Again
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Replaces images of Donald Trump with kittens, because seriously, f*** that guy.

Replaces Donald Trump with kittens. Because: A) Trump is a disgrace B) Kittens are lovely, and C) I couldn't find a Creative Commons photo of a blobfish to use. Update 1.3.1 - This one's for you, the UK. Also some code tweaks and a new icon. Update 1.3.0 - More kittens, less red hat, extra kittenification on twitter dot com Update 1.2.2 - Fixes a bug on the WaPo site Update 1.2.1 - Fixes two small bugs. Update 1.2.0 - Images are now locally stored, and there's a new Custom Block option - banish anyone you want from the web, and replace them with kittens! Update 1.1.4 - By popular demand, you can now also kittenize Steve Bannon. Update 1.1.3 - Added an undo function to the page context menu. Also now blocks Trump in Japanese and Russian, and better support for the Washington Post. Update 1.1.2 - updated for better results on BBC News and The Guardian in particular, and any other sites using responsive images via srcset attributes. Update 1.1.1 - now with enhanced kitten blocking power! Updates include: generally stronger blocking, https:// support, better support for the Washington Post, and more. Update 1.1.0 - now with additional kitten-blocking targets! Use the options page to additionally block Mike Pence, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, or the whole awful bunch of them. Update 1.0.1 moves the kitten photos to Amazon S3, as my old server was melting under the strain.
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