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Free VPN is a free VPN for chrome that allows you to change your IP and unblock sites.

Free VPN is unlimited and completely free for anyone to use. With VPN servers in locations around the world you are able to unblock content that might not be available from your country, company, or school. Simply connect to any VPN location to change your location and unblock websites Setting up Free VPN is quick and easy : 1. Install the Free VPN extension by clicking "Add to Chrome". 2. Click the Free VPN icon in your browser that is right of the address bar. 3. Select your desired country from the VPN server list on the right. That's it. You are now connected to a VPN. Free VPN is the fastest VPN for chrome. The friendly design allows you to to connect to a VPN server in any country anywhere in the world within seconds. You do not need to create an account or register to use our VPN service. Simply install our chrome extension and we will provide you with free access to VPN servers all around the world. ✦ Accountless Solution Free VPN is available as a Chrome browser extension without the need for an account. Connection using our chrome extension from your browser. ✦ Unlimited Traffic and Bandwidth. With Free VPN there is no bandwidth or traffic limit. Watch all the video, and listen to all the music you want freely without worrying about hitting a bandwidth limit. ✦ Unblock Access to Blocked Websites and Applications Unblock restricted access to any site. The Free VPN chrome extensions allows you to be able to ignore any bans, unblock access to your favorite social media and other web sites around the world. ✦ One-click VPN Connect No complicated settings or configurations. Simply connect to the VPN server of your choice with one click. Just find the server you want to connect to in the server list and click it - it's that easy. ✦ Global Locations Free VPN gives you access to servers in over 42 countries. We've worked hard to make Free VPN the best Chrome VPN extension. Add our extension to your Chrome browser and access the internet as if you were in a different location. Mask your location and surfing habits. Don't let your public hotspots track your browsing habits and web surfing. Update Notes Version 2.1.14 now includes access to hundreds more free vpn servers around the world, as well as VPN servers for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and more. Version 2.1.16 addresses a bug with being able to close the connected notification window. Version 2.1.22 improves your VPN connection. Version 2.1.23 adds a connection notification when you connect to a VPN server. Version 2.1.25 Removes the connection timer window Click "Add to Chrome" to install the Free VPN Chrome browser extension right now.
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