Find & Replace for Text Editing
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Adds search & replace tool for input fields and editable text content.

Find & Replace allows you to search and replace text in editable areas, directly in your browser. IT WILL NOT WORK WITH STATIC TEXT (ex. this page). Use it for composing long emails, blog articles, or forum posts. This extension DOES NOT support find & replace for the following: -Shopify (try our other app: -Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides -Jupyter Notebooks -Confluence -Wordpress -Magento Regarding email sharing, we take your privacy very seriously and will never use your information for anything other than communicating directly about the extension, updates etc. For an update log, go to Core Features: * Find and replace multiple queries in one click (premium - $9.95 for lifetime usage) * Save to Favorites * Text Templates (click to paste into page) * Regular expression info previews Search Options: * Match Case (case-sensitive search) * Whole Words * Regular Expressions * Limit search to text selection * Include single-line inputs in search Shortcut to Open: Ctrl+Shift+F (Mac: Cmd+Shift+F)
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