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Save time and effort with Popchrom by creating your own shortcuts for text phrases! Whether it's a simple email signature or…

To transform your abbreviation place the cursor on it and hit your personal shortcut (default is 'ctrl + space'). For more information go to the extension option page and visit the help tab. New in popchrom 1.8: Download of abbreviations to Download folder. Import of download files by drop onto Text dropzone. WYSIWYG editing of abbreviation, arguments, and expansion text. Headers remain visible when tabs are scrolled. Popchrom issue reporting integrated in context menu. New variable %CLIPBOARD% available in abbreviation definitions. Several bugfixes. Improved reporting via dialog boxes. New in popchrom 1.7, 1.6: Fixes New in popchrom 1.5: Google Mail compose window compatibility. Backup capability. Abbreviations with arguments. Undo expansion with shortcut key while text is stilled marked. New in popchrom 1.4, 1.3: fix chrome 7 issue New in popchrom 1.2: fix sound bug on Chrome 5 New in popchrom 1.1: * Choose your own shortcuts for substitution * Add line breaks in Web-Editors(WYSIWYG) * memory leak fix and code refactoring Known issues: * Support all Google Docs (currently only Google Spreadsheets) * Google Wave (preview) support * Country-specific %DATE% substitution
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