EAB Search Manager
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This extension lets you easily switch between search providers.

This extension allows you to manage your favorite search engines all in one place: switch easily between © Yahoo, Omnibox.bar, © Bing and © Google directly from the extension icon on the top right side of your browser. © Yahoo is the default search provider set by this extension. Please note that this extension isn't an official plugin for these search engines and doesn't own any of these brands. How does this extension work? 1. In order to provide the extension feature, your default search settings will be modified 2. Choose your desired search engine by right clicking on the extension icon 3. Search for any content you want from your address bar How do I uninstall this extension? 1. Click on the Chrome Menu icon to open the menu 2. Click on Settings 3. On the left window panel click on Extensions 4. Choose the extension from the list 5. Click on "Remove", near "Details" 6. On the pop-up window click on the Remove button What permissions does this extension require? "contextMenus": The extension requires this permission in order to make the selection and access to the user preferred search provider as convenient as possible. "Read and change your data on q.eadblock.com": For our product to work, we require access solely to the websites we own and manage. "storage": It's used to save user preferences.
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