Qwant for Chrome
400,000+ 位用户  |  22.23KiB  |   2020年12月19日  |   版本号:6.0.0  |   搜索工具

Qwant Extension defines qwant.com as your default homepage and search engine.

Qwant, the search engine that respects your privacy. Designed and based in France, Qwant is the first European search engine, both efficient and ethical, that protects the freedoms of its users and ensures the preservation of the digital ecosystem. Our keywords: privacy and neutrality. Respecting your privacy Qwant delivers the best possible results to your searches without ever trying to find out who you are or what you do. We strongly believe that what you are looking for is your privacy. Qwant therefore does not store or use any personal data for advertising or other purposes. You too, make your #switch2Qwant with this addon, and keep Qwant at hand, on your homepage and as your default search engine.
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