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This place provides the Epson Resetter or Adjustment Program tool for Epson L380, L383, L385, L485 Printer.

With the help of EPSON L380 Resetter, you can fix or troubleshoot your Epson L380, L383, L385, L485 "Service Required" and Red light blinking one by one error problem. At present, the EPSON L380 InkTank printer is the most popular in the market. It can able to deliver a massive amount of print pages at minimum printing cost. But after the print of a vast page, it shows a notice "Service Required." If your Epson L380 printer has stopped to print, Two Red LEDs are blinking one by one, and the Green Power button Light is stable. On the other hand, a red color error notification window (Service Required) appears on your computer screen when you try to print. You don't need to visit another website. Here is the right place, download the tool from the download button and fix your problem. You can also know the steps How to reset Epson L380, L383, L385, L485 step by step from the below link, and you will able to fix this problem with a 100% Guarantee.
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