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Take back your online privacy by using Startpage as your default search engine.

This search engine extension protects users from being tracked while allowing them to search the web in complete privacy. Startpage is a private search engine with no tracking, storing, or selling users’ search history. To ensure you have “always-on” search privacy AND to search Startpage directly from your URL bar, we recommend installing our search engine extension. The Startpage private search extension: - Does NOT save, share, or sell your personal or search engine data - Delivers Google search results - Doesn’t drop 3rd party trackers and cookies like other search engines - Ensures unprofiled search results, guaranteeing the same information for everyone in the world - Allows users to browse search results in private with the “Anonymous View” proxy feature - Protects worldwide users with European and Dutch privacy legislation - Is GDPR and CCPA compliant Industry reviews: - TechRadar: “Startpage’s ‘Anonymous View’ link …makes it incredibly easy for users to visit websites while protecting their privacy.” - Bloomberg: "Startpage doesn’t track you — it respects and guarantees your privacy.” - FastCompany: “This alternative search engine is basically Google without the privacy headaches.” - Fox News: “Startpage is designed to retain your privacy. The engine doesn’t collect data, doesn’t keep tabs on your movements, and it isn’t owned by a gigantic corporation.” Learn more about why Startpage is the world’s most private search engine: - Homepage: - Privacy Policy: - About Us: - Anonymous View: - Support: - Contact:
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