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VPN for secure and anonymous internet connection. VPN for Free without registration. VPN connection for everyone!

無法訪問某些網站?完全不受限制地匿名打開網絡瀏覽的所有區域,並取消屏蔽任何網站,並從不同來源接收所有信息。 使用1clickVPN快速訪問: 1.在瀏覽器中安裝1clickVPN擴展。 2.打開VPN。 3.單擊所需的國家。 4.使用我們的VPN訪問您否則無法訪問的站點。 為什麼1clickVPN: ★免費。 100%免費。沒有試用。沒有註冊。無廣告。 ★無限。沒有會話,速度或帶寬限制。 ★簡單。一鍵激活易於使用。 ★安全。我們強大的SSL加密將使您完全匿名並受到保護。 1cli​​ckVPN for Chrome是最快,最容易使用的代理服務,只需在瀏覽器中單擊一下即可啟動。友好的設計允許您通過從擴展名中的列表中選擇另一個國家來更改當前IP地址,以解鎖您所在位置禁止的網站。 這是完全免費的VPN,無需註冊,信用卡和廣告。這樣,我們還可以確保整體私有和匿名使用,並具有針對黑客,數據窺探者,未經授權的監視或DDoS攻擊的高級安全性。 立即點擊“添加到Chrome”,即可免費獲得無限VPN服務。 隱私政策- The simplest VPN for Chrome with one click activation. Unblock websites and browse anonymous with secure VPN connection Unable to access some websites? Open all fringes of web browsing without any restriction absolutely secured and anonymously as well as unblock any website and receive all information from different sources. Using 1clickVPN for quick access: 1. Install extension to your browser. 2. Open it. 3. Click your desired country. 4. Use our VPN to get access to sites you otherwise couldn't. Why 1clickVPN: ★ Free. No trial. No registration. No ads. ★ Unlimited. No session, speed or bandwidth limitations. ★ Simple. Easy use with one-click activation. ★ Secured. Our strong SSL encryption will make you fully anonymous and secured. 1clickVPN for Chrome is the fastest and easy in using Proxy service starts working by one click in your browser. The friendly design allows you to change the current IP address by choosing another country from the list right in the extension to unlock websites that are prohibited in your location. It's fully free VPN without registration, credit cards and ads. In this way, we also ensure overall private and anonymous usage with premium security against hackers, data-snoopers, unauthorized surveillance or DDoS attacks. Click "Add to Chrome" right now and get unlimited VPN service for free. Frequently Asked Questions What is VPN and whom it will be helpful to. Introduction about private internet connection and areas of its use. Most common questions. What is a VPN connection? VPN is a Virtual Private Network that connects you to the encrypted secure network across the publick network connection. VPN masks the real IP address and location by creating a secure internet connection over a public wi-fi network. VPN is good for anonymously and privately browsing the web as VPN encrypts data with modern protocols. VPNs use virtual connections to create a private network. During the usage of a public wi-fi, VPN helps to keep your data safe from hackers and malware and protect data from unauthorized access. How does VPN work? VPN sends your data through the encrypted tunnel that makes your connection private and securely. While you connect to one of our remote servers your real ip address is masked and all data goes securely to the final destination. VPN connection broadens a private network over a public network and allows users to send and receive requests over public networks as if their computers are directly connected to the private network. Is it safe to use a VPN connection? VPN connection uses the modern data encryption protocols. One of the main VPN functions is to encrypt user data and browsing history to protect them from hackers and ISPs. The core feature of a VPN is to hide real IP addresses of users and prevent anyone from tracking their online activity. Why do I need to use a virtual private network? VPNs are good in protecting your data or masking real location when watching a movie from a streaming website that is prohibited in your country. A VPN connection hides your data traffic online and protects it from unwanted access. While you browse without a VPN connection the data can be viewed by anyone who has an intention to see it. With VPN, hackers and intruders cannot decrypt this data. Can I use a VPN server privately? VPN service provides private browser sessions, as with VPN connection your online activity is not stored or tracked and your IP address and physical location are hidden. All data and requests you send via encrypted network tunnel is securely shield from hackers and illegal trackers. Secure VPN connection protects a user’s activity while they browse the internet. Is it legal to connect to VPN? Using Virtual private networks is legal and acceptable in the majority of countries. Big corporations often use the VPN to connect their employers to a private network for secure data transmitting and connecting them remotely to any sources. Anyway, you should use private networks according to the law and avoid illegal activity on the internet.
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