Free VPN Proxy
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Easily find and set free VPN proxies and, browse fast and secure!

Free VPN Proxy is a handy extension that lets you easily mask your real internet protocol (IP) address. Simply click on the start button at the top left corner (big blue button). The addon will look for a free proxy (socks5 IP & port combination) via a free JavaScript API call. Currently it uses the "getproxylist", "gimmeproxy" and "pubproxy" APIs. Once a free proxy is returned it checks whether the new proxy is working or not. If the new socks5 proxy is working properly, it applies to the browser proxy setting. You can now browser under this socks5 proxy and mask your real IP address. Please note that the API for searching proxies is free but only releases 20 results per day. Once the limit is over, the addon will only use the proxies from its memory (previously saved IP and ports). To turn off the addon, please click on the top right button in the toolbar popup UI (grey icon). Note: Free VPN Proxy add-on does NOT store your IP address or any other information in any remote location. However, third-party services (mentioned above) have their policy and rules for storing IP addresses. If you have a feature request or found a bug to report, please fill the bug report form on the addon's homepage (
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