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HistCleaner New Tab

This extension sets your search engine to ‘Histcleaner’ and customizes your New Tab Search so you can clear your searches and browsing history. ‘Histcleaner’ is like any search engine you are familiar with, which combines very useful tool behind it - Clearing browsing history effectively just with one click. How Does it work? 1. Click the download icon. 2. Click the “add to chrome” top right button 3. Now you can clear your browsing history effectively just with one click. By clicking "Add to chrome", I accept and agree to installing 'Histcleaner', change New Tab Search to that provided by the service, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your browser's new tab search will be changed to be powered by Bing. Terms of Use: https://www.histcleaner.com/term-of-use.html Privacy Policy: https://www.histcleaner.com/privacy-policy.html About us: https://www.histcleaner.com/about.html Contact Us: https://www.histcleaner.com/contact.html Permissions used & reasons: "Read and change your data on a number of websites" For our product to work, we require access to the websites we own and manage. "Read your browsing history" Contacting Us For any question: Address: 5417 Hillery way Rockville Maryland Phone: 571-429-3111 Email: Info@Old-School.US
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