Sauce for Strava™
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Additional functionality for your cycling and running analysis. This extension upgrades the Strava™ website.

The Sauce extension upgrades with better cycling and running information. It's a simple, lightweight and pure client-side JavaScript addition. There are no external API calls made with this extension and it is open source. Feature Highlights: * Peak performance table: * Power * Normalized Power * xPower * Heart Rate * Pace * Grade Adjusted Pace * VAM (climbing speed) * Cadence * Sea Power (potential power at sea level) * Themes (including dark mode) * Export any activity to a FIT, TCX or GPX file * Create Live Segments for any effort (including downhills) * Running Power estimation * Kudo All Activities * Analysis page stats are extended to include: * Elapsed power average, normalized power, xPower, moving power average and watts/kg * Grade adjusted pace * TSS * Intensity Factory * VAM * Elevation gain/loss * Raw data and graph views * Sea Power * Pw:Hr / Aerobic Decoupling * Weight and FTP overrides for all athletes * Inline comments system for activity page * Performance Predictor * Dashboard features: * Hide virtual activities (except your own) * Hide promotions and challenges * Hide commutes * Responsive layout * Detailed Running segments * W'balance graphing * Analysis graph smoothing Disclaimer: I don't work for Strava nor have I interacted with any persons from Strava in the writing of this extension. All the information used in this extension is readily available within the website.
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