CactusVPN - VPN and Smart DNS services
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Hide your IP address and bypass blocks and restrictions

To use the extension, you need a CactusVPN account. To get an account, you can register a 3-days free trial account (no credit card required) or order a subscription on our website. Connect to CactusVPN proxy servers in seconds with our easy to use Chrome extension. Absolutely no technical knowledge required. Just enter your username and password, choose the server and connect. Everybody can do this! Use our WebRTC leak protection feature to make sure your IP address is not leaked while using our proxy servers. CactusVPN offers VPN, Smart DNS and proxy services. VPN services help you maintain your privacy and security while using the Internet. VPN hides your true identity and geographical location from anyone interested in such information. It secures your connection and allows you to bypass blocks and restrictions. Smart DNS help you get unrestricted access to 300 geo-blocked websites to enjoy your favourite shows with no speed loss. Our website:
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