Axure RP Extension for Chrome
600,000+ 位用户  |  30.21KiB  |   2018年1月10日  |   版本号:0.6.3  |   开发者工具

An extension that allows local viewing of Axure RP prototypes from Google Chrome.

Install this extension to allow the viewing of Axure RP Prototypes from your local hard drive in Google Chrome. This extension requires a high access level to allow the viewing of the file:// protocol. This extension only requires these permissions to allow viewing of prototypes in Chrome - Axure does not track or access any of your information. IMPORTANT: After installing the extension you must check the setting "Allow access to file URLs". This can be accessed from Tools > Extensions > Axure RP Extension for Chrome. You do not have to install this extension if you want to view prototypes hosted on the web. For example, you don't need this to view prototypes from Axure Share ( If you have any issues or questions, please email
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