Augmented Steam
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Augments your Steam Experience

Augmented Steam is a browser extension by IsThereAnyDeal that improves your experience on the Steam platform by providing helpful information and tons of customization options. Some selected features: - Price details (current best, historical low) for any game or DLC sourced from many authorized stores - More visible highlighting of games you own or have wishlisted or ignored (also works with your IsThereAnyDeal Waitlist and Collection!) - Fine-tuned product search with search filters such as review count / score and Early Access - Sort and filter options for the market, games, friends, groups, achievements, badges and reviews - Links to popular websites with additional related information, plus the ability to add your own custom links - Quick / Instant Sell items in your inventory - Custom profile backgrounds and styles, visible to all users of Augmented Steam - Take and store notes about any game - Maximize information relevance by hiding unwanted content blocks from app pages or the homepage - Automatically skip age gates for NSFW content - Batch actions for various scenarios, e.g. registering multiple product keys or adding multiple DLCs to your cart at once - And many more! Augmented Steam is a fork and spiritual successor of Enhanced Steam, which has come to its end of life in February 2019.
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