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Extension No.1 for earning money on your audience

Extension No.1 for earning money on your audience * by the number of active users among the affiliate networks' extensions (according to Chrome Store) 33,000 projects. Bloggers with audiences from 5,000 followers and websites with up to 20 million monthly visitors—they all earn money on leading customers to stores. And you can become one of them. 30,000 brands. Install the extension and choose whose products to promote. 100 million goods. Our advertisers sell virtually everything: from smartphones to traveling. Our advertisers sell virtually everything: from smartphones to traveling. Cosmetics, food, apparel, car maintenance, games—there are products to fit any subject. How does this work? Admitad Extension is an extension that allows you to cooperate with top-rated stores and brands easily. * Promote products and share links to services on social media and personal blogs, websites, YouTube, Telegram, and other messengers. * To let us know it was you who brought a specific customer, use special links the extension generates. * Get a reward for every order made through your links. How is Admitad Extension convenient? 1. The affiliate network's entire functionality—in one extension. 2. Simple registration, no moderation. 3. Real-time statistics. 4. It's easy to withdraw money to any payment system. According to Chrome Store, Admitad Extension is one of the leading CPA-based earning tools among such rivals as MyAwin (Awin), (CJ), VigLink Chrome Extension, Optimise Deeplink Generator, PeerFly Stats, CPAlead Statistics, Lomadizador de links (Lomadee), Skimlinks Editor tool, ePN Webmaster Plugin, Impact Deeplinking, Walmart Affiliates Ad Generator, and Amazon Associates. What does Admitad Extension do? * Allows working with 60,000 goods and services of advertisers across the globe. * Highlights brands and goods available for promotion. * Generates affiliate links on the store website, in one click. * Displays all relevant discounts and promo codes. * Shows the previous week's clicks and earnings statistics. * In case of disconnection of an affiliate program, automatically redirects traffic to all analogs so as to not compromise your earnings. Besides, the extension can create links for connecting referrals. As per the terms of the referral program, you will be eligible for 5% of Admitad's earnings from every publisher you bring to the network, throughout the year. How to start earning with Admitad Extension? 1. Install the extension and sign up. 2. Pick a store from the catalog. 3. Choose a product you like, open the extension, and copy the link. 4. Share this link on your website, blog, or social media. 5. Earn on every purchase made through your link. This extension is a tool for our business partners - publishers who have (or plan to have) an account in Admitad network and apply our terms of use
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