Social Blade
400,000+ 位用户  |  647KiB  |   2021年5月30日  |   版本号:2.4.12  |   社交与通讯

See the best of Social Blade Stats right on YouTube, TwitchTV

Adds a box to the right of the video you're watching on YouTube showing the most important statistics from Social Blade about the channel. YouTube Statistics Include: ► Channel Grade (quickly judge if the channel is average or top of the class) ► Subscriber & View Rank ► Estimated Monthly Earnings for the channel ► Subscribers & Views in the past 30 days (includes % growth) ► Average daily subs & views ► Subs & views gained today ► Tags video uses Also provides an easy link to view the channel on Social Blade as well as a way to view the Live Sub Count on Social Blade Requires a free dashboard account to use Need help? Open a support ticket here: Whats New: 2.4.11 Fixed display issue when using YouTube's Dark Mode theme
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