FPL Tools
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Tools to help fantasy premier league manager

FPL Tools: 1. Fixture difficulty -In page fixture difficulty in team and transfer list. -Home and away indicator with uppercase indicate home and lowercase indicate away. -Default green -> red color indicate lower to higher fixture difficulty. -Color scheme options to change color to blue -> red for fixture difficulty. 2. Last 5 GW Points -Last 5 Game week points in page -Hover to see opponent details 3.Net Transfers -Net transfers in transfer page in pitch view and transfer list. 4.Extended League Tables -Added more information about teams in league tables like last 5 gw points, total transfer, hits, team value, captain, cheap used, total cheap used and playing xi. 5. Expected Points -Shows expected points for next GW for playing 11 and bench in my team page 6. Quick Transfer -Add player without popup from transfer list 7. Compare Players -Compare players within fpl dialog -How to compare players? * open any player information dialog * select player to compare with * max 3 players can be compared
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