Wachee VPN | Unblocker for Netflix and Hulu
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Free Unblocker for US Netflix. Wachee lets you watch streaming services without encountering any proxy errors.

Wachee is a chrome extension that lets you watch American Netflix if it's blocked by your ISP, network administrator, etc. FEATURES • Fix "Whoops, something went wrong." If you use a regular VPN, smart DNS, or similar tools for watching US Netflix, it will be detected. Then you will see an error page asking you to turn off your proxy (streaming error code: M7111-5059). This error will not occur when you are using Wachee as a Netflix VPN. • Provide access to libraries of different countries. By supporting the US and many other countries’ libraries, you can watch more than 93% of Netflix’s content just by using this extension and changing your geolocation. In addition, you can stream Hulu as well from anywhere in the world. • Watch online video services anonymously. Wachee will bypass any censorship or restrictions on its supported websites and make your online streaming activities anonymous. It will not affect any other website's traffic. PLANS • Free: Stream in basic quality for a limited time every day (SD quality) • Premium: Enjoy the genuine quality (up to UHD) Wachee's servers are some of the best servers around the world for streaming. Wachee will automatically connect you to the nearest server so that you won’t experience any latency at all. Unlike other VPN or proxy extensions, you do not need to change server locations and choose America. When Wachee is connected, you just have to go to the streaming website and enjoy it! NOTES • This extension is just a Netflix VPN and fixes the proxy error. You must have a subscription to use the streaming service. • Wachee does not support all websites; It's ONLY for Netflix & Hulu. Web: https://wachee.co Support: support@wachee.co By using this add-on, you agree to the Terms & Conditions available at https://wachee.co/terms. DISCLAIMER • This extension is not affiliated with registered trademarks. • This extension uses Google Analytics to collect extension usage statistics to help improve user experience. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy available at https://wachee.co/privacy
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