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Monitor boat position & call virtual sailor weather router

VR Dashboard allows automated transfer of your boat position(s) from a third-party online regatta game to the zezo.org virtual sailor weather router. In addition, it - logs your boat position and other boat and race parameters - displays infos about your friends and opponent's boats - outputs NMEA messages containing boat position, speed and heading, as well as wind speed and direction - logs raw messages USAGE 1) Install the extension 2) Go to the game home page 3) Click the Z extension icon in the toolbar 4) DO NOT close the debugger warning banner 5) Log in to VR Offshore and select a race. If 'Auto router window' is enabled, the router will be called automatically. 6) Click the VR update button (Logbook) to update your boat position. If you require a new routing, click 'Go' on the Dashboard tab. ISSUES with Chrome On recent Chrome versions, VR Dashboard will not start from the VR home page. You have the following options: - Use Chromium or Edge. - Go to VR Offshore, and start VR Dashboard immediately (while the game is still loading). Check that VR Dashboard picked up your boat name after a few seconds. Press F5 on the VR Offshore tab in case your boat name is not displayed in VR Dashboard. No Z icon after installation Click the 'plugin' icon in the top right corner. This opens a drop-down menu. Locate the VRDashboard entry and click the pin symbol next to it to pin the extension to the task bar. The debugging banner To disable the warning go to chrome://flags/#silent-debugger-extension-api Disabling it may not be good idea from privacy/security standpoint. Not because we'll steal your data, but because some other extension you install could do it! Ideally you should be running second Chrome instance (or Opera with "Download Chrome Extension" installed) and only disable the warning there. 3.18.0 - Center Zezo chart on boat position 3.17.0 - New columns in the race status table: - VMG: current VMG (upwind or downwind) - Up: Best upwind VMG (at current wind speed) - Down: Best downwind VMG (at current wind speed) - Tack: Cost (penalty time and lost distance) of tack at current wind speed - Gybe: Cost of gybe at current wind speed - Sail: Cost of sail change at current wind speed 3.16.0 - Display NOAA cycle currently used by VR - Tweak boat color on map (friends: green, normal boats: blue) 3.15.0 - NMEA: (Romain LeLamer & Antoine Moutier) - increase precision - add messages VWR and HDT (for layline support) 3.14.4 - Fix bugs in UserCard and competitor track handling 3.14.3 - Waypoints: - Display Lat/Lon in tooltip - Fix initial display&deletion - Commands: Display with 3 decimals accuracy 3.14.2 - INMWV: revert previous change. MWV carries wind Angle (true or relative), not Direction. - Display 3 decimal places of TWA and heading (engine precision is still higher but unknown) 3.14.1 - INMWV: Use TWD instead of TWA - nmea_proxy: fix log message format NEW in 3.14.0 - Display current VMG and best VMG instead of obsolete cards info 3.13.3: - Fix sorting by Last Update - Display followed team boats even if 'friends' filter is off - Fix wrong opponent boat options when calling the router NEW in 3.13.2 - Apply Fleet filter to NMEA output - Make NMEA ports configurable NEW in 3.13.1 - NMEA: Send AIS messages Thanks to Jérémy Rubert & Xavier Pillons - Fix boat colors on map NEW in 3.12.11 - Display stale position update in red in Race Status & Race Log - Fix/improve Fleet sorting, add filter for "certified" boats NEW in 3.12.10 - Warn if position is stale when calling the router - Turn track infos off by default. Also show only on own & followed boats Track info display may cause Dashboard to become unresponsive - Replace column Hull with Options - Fix AutoSail inidcator - Fix TWA/HDG indicator NEW in 3.12.9 - Pick up boat name correctly when starting extension from VR Offshore page NEW in 3.12.8 - Don't call router automatically on manual in-game position update - Adapt to changed Fleet message format NEW in 3.12.7 - Add activeTab permission; This was preventing VRDashboard from starting on the VR homepage in Chrome (but not in Chromium) - Minor bugfixes NEW in 3.12.4 - Display timestamps and boat speeds on track segments - Display ice limit (if any; display as rhumb line; south limit only) - Restore Fleet display NEW in 3.12.2 - Ṕartial support for new VR protocol; MANY KNOWN ISSUES (eg. Fleet tab not working yet) - Bugfix: boatInfo erroneously attributed to own boat NEW in 3.11.0 - Apply opponents/team/reals filter to map - Display race mark and waypoint positions with centiseconds - Update map immediately when waypoint is add or modified NEW in 3.9.4 - NMEA output. Thanks to GeGaX and Cvetan for helping with the messages. NEW in 3.8.0 - Use lastCalcDate on FLEET tab - Add donate button NEW in 3.7.10 - Adjust for new polars format (fixes vT and other columns on RACE LOG and FLEET tab.) Thanks to Cvetan. NEW in 3.7.8 - Link to manual - Don't display elapsed time in tooltip in normal races - Keep same color for each gate when redisplaying map NEW in 3.7.5 - Friend routing now uses your own boat's options (instead of no options) - Fixed map zoom NEW in 3.7.0 - Display record race 'ghost' tracks on the map - Display opponents' 'Elapsed' times on map => Click on the boats in VR UI to fetch and update information - Display opponents' average speed in record race NEW in 3.5.0 (by Guy Juy and Romain LeLamer) - 'Friends/Opponents' tab is now called 'Fleet' - Display team members in 'Fleet' tab - Filter Fleet - Additionally display mark positions and boat TWA in Map tab - Add picker (marker) option in Windy URL - Call Toxcct's polars with more accurate TWA NEW in 3.2.0 - Display start time and estimated race time of friends/opponents in 'record' type races (suggested by JohnT). => Click on the boats in VR UI to fetch and update information NEW in 3.1.0 - Sticky table headers, nicer colors - More infos about friends/opponents - Obsolete column aTWA removed NEW in 3.0.3 - Open in background (inactive tab) NEW in 3.0.0: - Display gates (including hidden gates) and friends/opponents on a map. Implemented by Xeelee. NEW in 2.3.0: - Call Toxcct's polars with the current TWA and TWS for each race - Friend/Opponent distance is negative if Friend is behind NEW in 2.0.0: - logs Friend and Opponent position, direction, speed and other parameters - lets you call the router directly for your boat in any race as well as for opponents/friends in the selected race. PLEASE NOTE: This plugin is provided as-is, use entirely at your own risk. Feedback is welcome. Please send e-mail to the address below.
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