VPN Master - Free HTTP and SOCKS Proxies
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VPN master is a VPN solution based on two free proxy providers. You can select from these API servers and the extension finds a suitable proxy for you. The server type can be HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. When a new server is returned by the API, the extension validates your connectivity. If the connection is not reliable, the extension resets the currently set proxy server and looks of other alternatives. The following options are configurable: 1. GET requests support 2. POST requests support 3. Cookies support 4. Referer header support 5. User-agent header support 6. HTTPS support 7. Anonymity Level 8. Proxy Protocol 9. Country There are two built-in tools in the popup: 1. Check DNS leakage 2. Check external IP address Homepage and bug reports: https://github.com/Emano-Waldeck/vpn-master
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