Surfshark VPN Extension
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Keep your online activity and personal information secure. Put your privacy-conscious mind at rest and enjoy unrestricted internet.

Surfshark is a lightweight VPN proxy extension that packs a punch! Secure your digital life with a Your online activity is your business. Enjoy unrestricted internet and digital privacy with Surfshark’s lightweight VPN proxy add-on. Keep your private data secure and stream content from around the world at blazing speeds. Securing your digital life is simple with our powerful 1-click VPN extension for Chrome. Download now to stay safe! Why Surfshark VPN extension for Chrome? 🦈 ✔️ UNBLOCK SITES Safely access an unrestricted world of great content and apps with powerful speed and unlimited bandwidth. ✔️ HIDE YOUR IP Your IP is your digital location. With Surfshark VPN you can hide your real IP and protect your privacy. ✔️ BLOCK ADS, TRACKERS, & MALWARE Turn on CleanWeb to block ads, trackers, and malware. CleanWeb comes free with every plan, and can also help you save data by stopping annoying ad downloads. ✔️ SPOOF YOUR LOCATION The #1 reason to use a VPN proxy is to spoof your location. It takes just one click, and we have a ton of locations to choose from. Can’t decide? Choose Fastest or Nearest to connect instantly. ✔️ MAKE IT YOURS: With Bypasser you can choose what websites or IP addresses you don't want to connect through your VPN. Surfshark VPN Features: ✔️ 3200+ SERVERS IN 65+ COUNTRIES Our extensive server infrastructure is always growing! We offer thousands of high-speed, secure global proxy servers, with Static IP and MultiHop connections available as well. ✔️ BLOCK COOKIE POPUPS Block annoying cookie consent popups when your VPN is connected. ✔️ STRICT NO LOGS POLICY FOR YOUR PRIVACY Turn on your VPN proxy and feel free to relax. We don’t—and will never—monitor or collect any logs of your online activity. ✔️ AUDITED BY CURE53 TO GUARANTEE SECURITY Surfshark is one of the very few VPN providers to have gone through an independent auditing process by cybersecurity experts Cure53. We’ve also received an AV-Test Seal of Approval from the independent German Cybersecurity Institute. ✔️ INDUSTRY LEADING ENCRYPTION We only use the very best to protect your data. In addition to waterproofing everything with end-to-end encryption, Surfshark also uses ultra-reliable security protocols to make your connections truly impenetrable. Useful info & links: Help is available 24/7 via live chat on our website or Warrant canary: Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions:
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